The Story. Begin here.

In the beginning, ten dark entities were created, and ten thousand mighty relics were forged. Heroes from different realms gathered at three thousand strong, and are bestowed these mighty relics. With their destinies entwined to fight the dark entities, they fought valiantly to save the peaceful realms from destruction and death.

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How to fight. Defeat bosses.

You must own a hero to fight bosses. You may equip your hero with up to five items. A new boss with a different level is released every week.

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Treasure. Win USDT.

If you win a boss fight, you get a boss drop item that you may use for your next fight. You also stand a chance to receive tokens and stable coins airdrop.

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Team. The legends.

We are a team of nine friends. ilijir is the metamagician, sarabat the tokenomist, estrayc the artist, xaouieyey the web dev, hahaashton, misterdoubleu and 0xBasset the solidity devs, rennsport the community manager and mouse dev the adviser.